Tuesday, November 12, 2013

The Yarn is Gone, But the Joy Doesn't Have To Be

I was tooling around Ravelry this morning and found, to my horror, that Cascade 128 Wool has been discontinued!

Cascade 128 superwash is still around. But that won't work for even lightly-felted items like my Sherwood Slippers.

What to do? You could knit the slippers with two strands of Cascade 220 held together. One skein of yarn might be enough, but you are safer with two.

Want to try the pattern but don't have Cascade 128 Wool in your stash? Leave a comment on this post by midnight (EST) on 11/18/13 and tell me which yarn you would use to knit the pattern.

On 11/19/13, I'll choose a comment using a random number generator and give away a copy of the pattern.

(Interested, but already have the pattern? Let me know which one of my patterns you've been wanting to try and I'll give you that one instead.)


Beth said...

Hi, Lara!

I've had good luck making felted slippers with Cascade 220 and Patons Classic but that was with a worsted-weight pattern. Brown Sheep bulky wool/mohair would probably make super-soft slippers, so I might try that. Or Cascade Eco wool if it's not too scratchy.

math4knitters said...

This is for Jill McFarlane Carrick (she couldn't get blogger to cooperate): I have several skeins of the Cascasde 128! I would love to knit your pattern! (and I didn't know that it had been discontinued....boo) And thank you again for all you do for the community...I love listening to your podcasts! I just listened to you yesterday for a few hours...catching up because I had been having tech issues. Your laugh...just makes me smile!

auntsandee said...

How about Lambs Pride?

auntsandee said...

How about lamb's pride?

Sylvie said...

Lamb's Pride Bulky or Nature Spun Chunky could both work.

jules mcnubbin (buttmuffin) said...

i would use some knitpicks' Chroma in Luau! thank you for the chance!!

mysticalguacamole at gmail dot com

Sarah Montie said...

I would use Plymouth Yarn Galway Chunky.