About Me

I'm a co-author of Crafting the Resistance.

My first book was Sock Architecture, a book to guide you into the world of knitting the most unique, wonderful, and awesome socks of your life. If you went to Amherst and remember the Lara who was a Knitter, that's me!

I offer select, test-knit (and/or tech edited) patterns for sale. The easiest way to reach me is on Craftsy. If you're not a member and you're into the fiber arts, you should join! It's free and very, very fun.

I love designing for yarn companies! My current and past clients include: Juniper Moon Farm, Dream in Color, Three Irish Girls and ModeKnit Yarn.

I'm also a photographer. I took all of the photos for Annie Modesitt's Knitted Wraps & Cover-Ups. I'm available for shoots to help you put your best foot forward.

Where else to find me:



Etsy - Order signed copies of Sock Architecture from me!

I am laraneel on Instagram.

Come find me on Pinterest!

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