Monday, November 27, 2006

Both Feeds

Both the old and the new feeds are available on iTunes now. The new one has a freaky-looking, non-blue interpretation of my little knit ipod logo. Don't forget, the old feed will still have all of my new episodes on it. The new one is still catching up and has limited space, so episodes may cycle in and out, in order.

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Episode 23: All Grown Up

In this episode I talk about website and download issues, a new website, and a book: Knitting Vintage Socks. Also, if you check out the knitpicks website, you can see what one of the socks looks like in a Knitpicks yarn. As always, I encourage you to go to your local yarn shop and check out their book selection before you buy online.

Here are the corrections for that book.

I forgot to mention three fabulous new podcasts I found recently: Sticks and String, Unwound and Beneath the Fiber Moon. Please look them up and I will actually talk about them in the next show.

I sat down and did a shortrow toe demo for you!

Work to where you want to put your next turn.

Move yarn to other side of needle.

Slip unwrapped stitch to rh needle.

Turn work.

Move yarn to other side of work (working side for the row you will work).

Slip that wrapped stitch (see the wrap? It looks like a purl bump).

Observe pretty wrap, get ready to work to next turn.

When you are finished making short rows, work to first wrapped stitch (as you are working, in other words, the most recently-wrapped stitch).

Knit (or purl) the wrap and the stitch it wrapped.

Toe of sock after short-rows are completed.

Pick up stitches from cast on to make toe of sock.

For heel, the principle is the same, make your short rows and then continue merrily along with your sock.

Download Episode 23

Friday, November 24, 2006

Ok, for now...

The new supermac way of doing the podcast does not have a lot of storage space (about half a gig), so today I'm publishing all of the old episodes that will fit on that space. Then I will leave them up for one month. Then I will clear them off and put up the next set. Those of you who can get it to work (I've already heard from someone who can't) will enjoy the fact that I should be able to put in chapter markers and nifty art to display as you're listening to the podcast. If I don't hear from anyone who can make it work, I will stop messing with it after today.

My to-do list today:
-put up old episodes
-clean house
-do the books/pay the bills
-bake bread (in bread machine)
-make baking mix for biscuits
-finish making turkey soup
-go to bellydancing class at 6

Whoo hoo.

Now I Don't Know What to Do

I just heard from a listener that they did manage to get my old episodes off iTunes, but I do like the new software's ease of use, although I'm not crazy about the format the blog comes up in.

I will keep this site open with a link to the new site if I bail for the newer software. My only concern about the new website is that it has a fairly low storage limit.

I may do the next show both ways. Please let me know if you prefer one over the other, or one works better for you. I want this podcast to be as easy to get as possible.

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Starting Over

I have commandeered another computer (there are as many in my home as cats and cars, now that I think of it). I am trying out mac's new snazzy iWeb software, which builds a total website including the RSS feed.

The new site is here.

Please someone let me know if it doesn't work absolutely perfectly for them. If someone who has been having problems says that it works, I will re-publish every darn one of the episodes.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Downloading Woes

My laptop, as far as I can tell, stroked out and died for no reason on Monday. I ended up crying in my basement (because my shower was still backed up after I poured nasty chemicals in it and, well, I was at the end of my rope). So, my promise for a better, very cool software for my podcast has ended for now, until I can get my lovely tibook into the shop and hopefully get it fixed.

However, I did download a new version of the software that I have been using and updated a few settings. Would someone who is having download woes please try to download the very most recent podcast and let me know if it still doesn't work? If it doesn't, I will try something underhanded, which may make everything better.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Holy Mohair!

I just logged into my hotmail account all blase and down about not having time to podcast this week, when I saw this message:

"Greetings from the Amazon Honor System.

We wanted to let you know that we have initiated transfer of the
balance of your Amazon Honor System account to your checking account.
It may take your bank several business days to record the transfer.


That brings the Math 4 Knitters Buy More Books balance to $52.80!

I know at least one super-duper lace book that I'll have to mosey down and snag this week.

Thank you all for supporting my show and the book section of my local yarn store.

I'd Rather Be Podcasting

:( Hopefully soon.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Knitting the Edging

I'm knitting an edging right now - literally and figuratively. The edging is for my grandma's sweater (the yarn finally came!!). The figurative edging is the final touches/production/burning DVDs on my graduate project/thesis. If I get it all wrapped up and mailed out on Monday, I'll be able to do a show. Otherwise, it may still be a little bit. Sorry for the podgap, but I can't help it. :) I do want to thank each and every one of you, because I have really honed my audio skills which gave me the confidence to finish this project which has been hanging over my head for two years. Couldn't have done it without you.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Slight Tweak

I did a slight tweak of the XML code today. Would someone who has downloading woes please try again?

Episode 22: Lucky and Unlucky

Not any math this week, just me rambling about my bad and good luck. I am cooking up a cool pattern that I will hopefully have ready for the next show.

Meanwhile, I found this page about spit-splicing. A good skill to have.

Also, a listener told me that magic loop is one of the methods taught on Maybe I'll try it soon. If you haven't it's under the advanced techniques tab.

Download Episode 22