Monday, November 25, 2013

Design Inspiration: Schaad Hat

I always need a Christmas present for my dad, Schaad. He's not an easy man to knit for (are any of them?)

He lives in a warm-ish climate, has enormous feet (so no socks), and when I made him golf club covers years ago he decided they were too nice to use and put them in a shadowbox.
A compliment, of a sort, but I want to knit things people will use. So, I turned out this hat.
This is an easy,ribbed hat in two sizes - one to fit adults and one for babies. There is a lot of stretch in the ribbing, so the “adult” hat will fit most children, too.
If making it for a child, consider making the hat about an inch (2.5 cm) shorter, before the crown shaping.
The end of the pattern has notes for making a hat in almost any gauge, which was fun.

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