Reviews of Sock Architecture

"While this book could be used by a new sock knitter (Neel's Training Wheel Toe instructions are included to get a newish sock-maker started on toe-up socks), there is so much meat here that it will definitely be of interest to advanced sockateers and sock designers. I mean, how can a sock nerd's heart not beat faster at seeing chapter headings like "How flaps and turns affect gussets"?"

-, Lynne Sosnowski
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"First off, it is beautifully written and a surprisingly fun read. The tone of the book is friendly, approachable, and humorous. One would not usually use those words to describe a book that not only is a treatise on sock techniques, but goes in-depth into the historical beginnings of sock knitting but they are totally warranted in this case. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book."
- Wendy Johnson (Wendy Knits)
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"PHENOMENAL, and - spoiler alert - you need it. (Brilliantly done, Lara!)"
- Jasmin and Gigi (The Knitmore Girls)
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"She's math-oriented, so not only does she give you…a magic size, which is the size where you can do a little bit of math and have customization…there are also three lengths for the toes…all in one pattern."
- The Fat Squirrel Speaks, episode 121 (she shows a sock she started from the book starting around 24 minutes, then talks about the book!)

"The book is a great resource for toe-up and cuff-down heels, toes, and sock knitting techniques, that also includes 17 patterns that use the techniques explained.  Learn about socks and then apply it!"
- Stockinette Zombies, episode 144

" absolute gem! 
In a total of 136 pages, Lara takes the reader on a journey through everything one would want to know about sock knitting. She gives a brief (though very interesting) look at the history of sock knitting, from technique to names, then describes the modern terms and basics of construction in sock knitting today. My favorite part of the book is when she outlines the different types of feet; feet are so unique and definitely not a one-size-fits-all part of the body. She demonstrates how to measure one's feet and decide which type of heels, toes, and other techniques would be useful. Her book is organized very well as a fantastic reference, fairly easily picked up on a spur of the moment to help the knitter make quick decisions during sock knitting. Lara also provides incredibly helpful tips that had previously never been shared with me, such as using dental floss to see how the yarn naturally lies in a toe before grafting, or knitting only a heel or toe to figure out how well it fits without having to knit an entire sock. After all of her tips and tricks, she shares 17 specific sock patterns, along with a very wide variety of heels, toes, and ways to construct socks in general. All of these techniques can be easily blended to create the perfect pattern (or patterns) for sock knitters."

- Emily Straw (Knitting Butterflies podcast and blog)
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"I think, if you're a dedicated sock knitter, or a sock designer, you are doing yourself a disservice to not have this book...I bought both the e-book and the physical book. I have no regrets."
- Jennifer Raymond (Tinking Turtle Blog)
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"Reading this book, and playing with these variations for toes and heels, will make you a better sock knitter. You’ll find yourself ready to make socks that really fit, whether that means modifying existing patterns to incorporate these techniques or designing your own socks from scratch."

- Hunter Hammersen
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"Many thanks for creating this book for us. Really, it's beautiful, informative and a must-have resource."
- Allison Van Zandt
Read her review and a loooooooong interview with me here!

"Now, without bragging, I do think I know a bit about sock knitting. I've been knitting socks for twenty years; I've read a lot of sock knitting books, and I've edited a fair number of sock patterns and books. And it was clear, by the time I got to the third page, that Lara knew a lot more about it than I did!
The book is a fantastic exploration of heel and toe constructions, both top down and toe up. She dives deep into the construction details and the fit for each, providing not only examples of how to use them, but also the math that allows you to adapt them for your own designs."
- Kate Atherley
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"It is like a college course in sock knitting...This is in the top three sock books that I've ever seen."
- The Knit Girllls
Episode 221

"It goes above and beyond any of the other sock books..."
- Jen, the Commuter Knitter
Episode 80

"...a must-have resource for sock designers as well as intrepid sock knitters..."
- Donna Druchunas
Read the whole review (and an interview with me) here!

"...honestly the best sock knitting book I’ve ever seen."
- Lisa, of A Life Full of Laughter
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"If you are interested in knitting socks at all and are either intimidated by them or you love it and you want to get better, buy this book."

"This is a technique and history book with some amazing patterns."

- Knotty Girls Knitcast, episode 38

"I am still amazed at the really good sock books coming out. I remember thinking recently that there just couldn't be any more one could say about socks, but I would be wrong! ... Lara's tips and tricks are priceless..."
- Beth Brown-Reinsel

"...a treasure"
- Carol Sulcoski (Black Bunny Fibers)
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"...if you love the technical aspects of knitting, the reasons WHY certain things are done and the history behind that heel or toe and then be able to apply what you just learned with the results of cushy, custom fit socks…then this is the book for you."
- Maria (Subway Knits Podcast)
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"The Last Sock Book You May Ever Need"
- Pamela MacKenzie
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- The Knitting Pipeline, Episode 182 (section on the book starts at around 20 minutes).
- Yarnivore, Episode 157
- Knit 1, Heart Too, Episode 177: Talk Like A Pirate Birthday
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