Thursday, November 07, 2013

Personal Knitting

It's a rare thing, but sometimes I still get to knit for myself (or my home, anyway).

Right now it's a (free!) pattern I called the Surprise Bitter Knitter Pattern because my knitting group, the Bitter Knitters, used it to make an afghan for one of our members when he moved away.

It's easy and the size 10 needles make the work feel fast. The yarn is such a dark navy, it's almost black, so I have to make sure I have ok light in which to knit.

I will make either four 60-inch panels or five, depending on when I run out of yarn. It's Cascade 128 - a favorite of mine.

I'm using straight needles so that I can knit using the method I learned a while ago from the Yarn Harlot. She calls it "lever" or "Irish Cottage" knitting. It's fast and efficient, but I can only use it with long straight needles.

There are a few videos of the method here.

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