Wednesday, November 13, 2013

My Furry Companions

I can't help it. I need to show you photos of our kitties. They just got lion cuts and look like something Dr. Seuss invented.

Travis, a.k.a. T-cakes

Boomer, a.k.a. Boo
Both of our boys were rescues. Boomer was adopted as a kitten by my sister, who later had to give him to me. He's about 10 years old now. I adopted Travis as an adult from a shelter. He could be 10. He has a lot of kittenish energy, but sometimes he walks like a little old man and I think he might be older than that.

Why did we shave our long-haired cats? It wasn't to avoid cat hair - with these guys that's unavoidable. Since they're a little older, they can't reach everywhere to groom as well as they used to. So, they get matts and clumps of hair and that's bad for their health and happiness.

Most cats hide for a few days after a haircut. Embarrassment? Anger? Not our boys. Travis even seems more laid-back and happy than usual. He can be kind of a scaredy-cat and it's nice to see him relax. 

They are great companions and generally good with leaving yarn alone. If something smells especially "sheepy," Boomer will sometimes chew through an unattended strand of yarn. Ditto for spinning fluff. I once found him face-down in a pile of Cheviot roving.

They love to watch me spin, especially Travis. He pays close attention when I'm knitting, too, but that seems to be mostly because he is waiting for me to put down my needles. If I stop to so much as get a glass of water, he jumps in my lap and wants cuddles. There are worse problems to have!

Do you have furry friends? Are you insanely attached to them?


LizFM said...

LOVE THEM. Have you had their blood checked? I found as my cats aged, and their kidneys lost function (most older cats have this problem) that their fur got 'greasier' and they got more dandruff, and were thus more prone to matting.

math4knitters said...

They get bloodwork done every year. The matting issues they have seem to come from being a little fat and a little older and not being able to reach as well as before.