Monday, October 27, 2008

Episode 40: Graft

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Ok. Here is a quick run-down on my method of grafting. I used to follow written instructions that had me obsessed with knit-wise and purl-wise. I would face my work that looked like this:

I'm not going to lie. I would usually panic a little. Then, I become braver or more desperate and I took the work off the needles.

When I did this, the stitches turned to face me and it was all a lot easier.

This is the back, when finished:

The trick, as always, is not to panic, and to remember that you can do it over, if you need it. It is very, very important not to pull the darning yarn too tight. If you have a lot of stitches to graft, remember that you can use more than on length of yarn - otherwise you can get tangled up. If you need a little more security, or are using s slippery yarn, you can always run a length of dental floss through your live stitches.

The sock book I mention on the show is here.