Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Speed Swatch Hidden Feature

I can't show you the front of today's swatch because it's a secret for now. But, I discovered an extra feature of my speed swatch.

Most knitters, including me, have different gauges when they work in the round instead of working back and forth. To deal with that, I often make speed swatches. Using dpn or circular needles, I work to the end of the swatch. I don't turn the work, but just slide it back to the beginning of the needle, bring the working yarn around the back and start working again.

This does leave an unattractive mess on the back of the work, but who's looking, right?

I like to steam my swatches so that they behave and photograph better. For something small, I just use a kettle of water boiling on the stove. I don't like to be burned or leave tong marks on the swatch. So, I just hung the swatch by its messy back side over the kettle.



Laurinda Reddig said...

Brilliant! Someone suggested swatching in the round for projects in the round. So I have been making round tubes just right to wear as a cuff after I'm done. But it does make for a smallish swatch to measure.

I just discovered your blog, and am loving it! So much great info (and I don't even really knit). :)

math4knitters said...