Sunday, April 30, 2006

Episode 4: Short Rows

Thank you to Shannon at Knitcentric for a very kind review of my podcast. She said the name put her off at first, since she had any affection for math kicked out of her when she was in school, but that she listened anyway and liked my show. That is the whole point for me of doing this -- taking the fear out of math.

The music this week is “A fog” by Furious Ball. I found it at Podsafe Audio. This has no hidden or double meaning, I just liked the music.

This week I’m talking about short-rows, a shaping technique which can make your sweaters fit better or allow you to make 3-D shapes with just 2 needles. Also, short-row socks and heels. Thanks to Carrie Shanks for suggesting this.

The short-row hat thing is not my original idea. It has cropped up in many places over the years. I first saw it in the Knitlist’s 199 gift exchange. It is here. The most fantastic and lovely version I have seen, using elongated triangle wedges and great color is by Brooke T. Higgins in Knitty’s summer of 2005 issue. It’s called Tychus. It’s beautiful.

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