Sunday, April 09, 2006


Promo is up. I'll be recording a real episode later today. The music and scream audio files are from Partners in Rhyme at

Download here


Maura said...

Hi Lara,
Welcome to the wonderful world of podcasting. I'd love to include your promo on next week's show :) I'd also love it if you played mine. I'm the hostess of

It's a 'cast featuring the best podsafe music to keep your ears happy and your fingers flying as you pick up the pointy sticks and knit.

Cheers! I'm looking forward to listening to your 'cast as well!


Christine said...

Oh my goodness! I'm prepping for the next PointySticks podcast, and I wanted to make sure I had your promo ready, so I went to download it. Instead of downloading, it started to play - and the scream made my Bichon run out of the room like her bed was on fire! I can't stop laughing!!! (Just had to share!)