Sunday, April 09, 2006

First Episode Up

As promised, math tips, the shaping of hats, my current projects, and a question: What do you do when you feel a knitted gift of yours has not been well received?

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desperateknitwife said...

hi lara, i noticed an air of self deprication about you. you should be proud to be into math and proud that you have the ability to teach other knitters math. yesterday's oprah would be appropriate, talking about how modern women have to downplay their strengths in order to fit into society. and how young girls and celebs making it cool to be dumb. they also mentioned an interesting book: "female chauvenist pig" and it talks about how men no longer have to hold women down, that we're doing it to ourselves and to each other after years of social conditioning. very interesting. i love your podcast idea, i wish it was a longer podcast, you have a great voice and lovely demeanor and are fun and interesting to listen to. i myself LOVE math and was encouraged at a young age by good schools and other kids. ahhhh, i dream of the day when women can be proud of being knowledgeable and aren't afraid to show it and that it's cool to be smart!

some things to think about.