Sunday, April 23, 2006

Episode 3: Waist Shaping

It's not a waste. (sorry, had to) Perform some simple arithmatic and you can have the kind of waist shaping you want, where you want, on any sweater. The opening music is the same as my promo.

Download Episode Three

Here are some photos of what I'm talking about:

The whole sweater.

The right side, showing the curve and that the sweater needs to be washed and de-pilled after a week of hard wear.

This is just the decreases, the sweater has been folded to put the "seam" stitches in the center of the picture.

From the same angle, showing the shaping from beginning to end.


me said...

I just found your, love it! Thus far I've just listened to the waist shaping cast...WONDERFUL, WONDERFUL!! I am now off to listen to your other casts...thanks!

Colleen said...

Hi! I just found your podcast and it's really good. You have a knack for making things understandable.
The only request I would have is putting more in words about the process in your show notes. I usually listen to podcasts in the car & can't take notes. Having your math notes in the blog would be an even bigger help than you're already being.
I'm glad to see you've kept up the podcasting. Looking forward to hearing the rest of them.