Friday, August 29, 2014

It Helps If You Read The Pattern

This goes in the "duh" file. It's my pattern. I wrote it. I should be able to do it from memory, right?

Nothing to see here, folks, just more black socks!

Nope. I managed to screw up my own pattern. It's just a column of stitches and I will steadfastly ignore it as long as the socks do live, but still. I probably should have, oh, I don't know, read over the pattern before blithely knitting on my way.

Live and learn! To sum up, here's a great way to give yourself a mini panic attack:

1) Try to knit one of your patterns from memory.
2) Screw it up.
3) Think that the pattern that was test-knit by two knitters (including you) and checked by two tech editors has a HORRIBLE error in it and knitters the world over will hate you for it.
4) Search for graph paper.
5) No, it's not where it should be.
6) No, not over there either.
7) Fine, I'll do it on regular paper.
8) Wait...IS X divisible by 4?
9) It's not? It's not.
10) You should have worked this using the other set of directions, the ones for when X isn't divisible by 4. Because it's not for these socks.
11) Everything's fine, but you should probably find the graph paper.

Anyway, the socks are Checked and Square Socks, Top Down. They're not hard at all, if you follow the pattern! So...should I make the second sock match or make it correctly? It's a tough one.

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Fiber Babble said...

LOL! Poor thing! I know just what you mean, though - I write quilt patterns. I have one that has been a best-seller for at least 5 years, still when someone asks me how much fabric they should buy for 'background' I can't tell them without looking at the pattern cover :-)