Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Love Sock Architecture? Spread the Word!

As fewer and fewer of us have access to this:

Towers of books at a used book store that WAS in Salem, Mass. a few months ago. Now, sadly, it's gone!

Those of us who write, make and love books still have to come up with ways for people to find our books. Hopefully, in a way that's even easier than pawing through piles of them in a physical store.

- Post a rating and review on Sock Architecture isn't available on Amazon, yet, but when it is, that would be super-helpful, too.

- Talk about it on Facebook, Twitter, or wherever you hang out online. I bet you know more knitters than you think.

- Ask your local library if they have the book. If they don't, ask them to purchase it. Most libraries have a simple online form you can fill out to request a purchase. You usually only need to know the title (Sock Architecture), author (Lara Neel), publisher (Cooperative Press) and ISBN (978-1-937513-63-4).

- Ask about the book at your favorite spot to buy books. I really, truly, hope you still have a local bookstore or local yarn store!

- Tell your friends all about it. They all really want to know all about gussets and sock heels. They think they don't, but they do. Facilitate their conversion!

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