Tuesday, August 12, 2014

A Toe Up Sock: 5 numbers, 2 measurements

One of the things I do in Sock Architecture is lay out the idea of socks that take just a few numbers to knit. These socks are for Dee, and I've made a lot of socks for Dee, so it's getting pretty easy for me. I keep a small index card in my knitting bag with her key sock numbers on it. These particular socks are toe-up, but top-down works in very much the same way.

The toe starts with a certain cast on number, and I know the shape that Dee likes (pretty short), so I increase on every round until I hit the next number. Then, I increase every other round until I get to the number of stitches for the rest of the foot. 

I then work, straight, until the sock is as long as I need, without the gusset and the heel shaping. I make the gusset increases, which you can kind of see in the above photo, even though it's pretty dark. Sorry, bad cell phone photos.

So that I don't drive myself nuts wrestling with dpns through the heel turn and heel flap, I put all of the stitches that I don't need for the heel turn on hold on a set of very tiny, flexible circular needles. I love these needles. Once, when I lost a pair, I had to replace them in less than a week. They're just that important to me. (They also keep the stitches from being stretched out as you work.)

I made the heel turn. In this case, it's a Round, or French, heel. Looks pretty good, if I do say so myself.

I took a small break to pet this guy. His name is Cujo and he's my adorable dog nephew.

After the heel turn is done, I just work back and forth for the heel flap, closing it up to the sock with decreases as I go. The tiny needle is still in place here, but I just slipped the stitches back onto working needles and continued on up the leg.

Simple, right? I love it that I can knit a sock with 5 numbers and two measurements. In my book, I explain how to figure out (and sometimes just measure) to get to your 5 numbers and two measurements, so that you can do it, too!

P.S. - The maroon yarn is Simply Sock Yarn Solids. I wasn't kidding when I said I love it. The black yarn is mystery stash yarn, but I think it might be Cascade Heritage Silk

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