Tuesday, September 02, 2014

My Home Office

If you had a long weekend, I hope you had a great one. We had a rainy couple of days, but it was really nice. I spent some time in my home office space, which the previous owners very thoughtfully built into what was a closet in the guest bedroom. It's practically perfect in every way, with lots of little cubbies and spaces for my knitting things (note my model foot tucked away).

My co-workers are kind of lazy, though. Sometimes I can hear them snoring behind me, on what they think is the best cat bed in the world. 

I answer a lot of emails and even sometimes browse Ravelry on my phone, but there's no substitute for a computer on a desk, to me. It's just more comfortable. Maybe it practically looks like the work equivalent of driving a model T, but I like it!

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