Saturday, March 03, 2007

That New Floor Smell

I couldn't podcast on Friday because there were men in my basement laying a fake-hardwood floor (I've had the supplies to do it since October). The project came in ahead of schedule and under budget, just the way I like it. This is yet another Big Step in my life forward. Some women (like Crazy Aunt Purl, who I love) used to put their finances in the hands of the men in their lives. I have allowed any home management that doesn't include sweeping, dusting and such to be ruled by men. That's why I was so excited when I changed that outlet without killing myself. Was it fiddly? Yes. Did it take longer than I thought? Yes. But did I do it and do it well? Yes. Are the people at Home Depot really nice to the girl who doesn't know what anything's called? Yes. So, I'm making myself do the things that don't involve saws, like scraping wallpaper, switching out the thermostat, and, one day, painting, which I hear is mostly just taping and a little dull but not hard. For saws, I hire people. Also, drywall. Because that's just plain messy.

Before, I paid in so many more ways and SO much more. Now I know what I'm getting and I can trust the work will be right.

I also want to point out that it isn't just that I am afraid of saws. I could get over that. The dang things just cost so much. By the time I buy the saw, I could have paid the guy to bring his own saw. Yeah, that it....

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Anonymous said...

Good for you on taking these big steps. I, too, am trying to get up the courage to do some home improvements. I just always worry that whatever I do will make it look worse!