Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Episode 28: Finishing and Blocking

This week I talk about tig welding wires and why you might want them, my GORGEOUS GREY SWEATER and why I stuck wires through it (but those will come out), some of my scattered design process and how I carefully avoid sewn seams.

I also mentioned:

My Local Yarn Shop

Film and Fiber - A great new podcast with a podcaster who is taking a tenny break because of her morning sickness. Everyone go tell her it gets better (I've been told, I don't know).

Greetings from Knit Cafe

If you look, you may notice that the link to the book is a UK site I heard about on Sticks and String. I have not tried this shop, but it looks like a good alternative to Amazon, if you want to try it.

and then I went online and looked for corrections for the above book.

It's a great book and I don't think I've reviewed it yet, but it's in the pile.

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And now, my dragontooth sweater:

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