Monday, March 19, 2007

My Goodness

Ok, you know how things sometimes get worse before they get better? That's happening to me right now. Suffice to say I'm stretched a little thin. I still love you all and I am still simmering away a great show for you, but it may still be just a little bit.

And, thanks for all of your support and expressions of loving the show. It means a lot to me.


LoriAngela said...

How come being stretched thin makes me gain wait.
We're counting on another great show!

Christine said...

Hi Laura: Hey! this might be 'old' news, but I thought I would mention it. I saw a "shoutout" in print for your podcast in the current issue of Knit It! by BH&G's Creative Collection magazine Spring 2007, see page 14! You GO GIRL! ~ Christine, Las Vegas.

Andy Baker said...

I'm still catching up on old shows, so I haven't really noticed the lag. (It's still last summer in my Math4Knitters World.) I really enjoyed the one about the sock. The math in it made me so excited that I'm really glad I'm doing a sock swatch. I mentioned you on my blog. Keep it up. I'm enjoying it.

Unknown said...

I've listened to all your podcasts and couldn't find the 2nd (improved) version of interview with Meg Swansen. Will we hear it in the future?