Friday, November 24, 2006

Ok, for now...

The new supermac way of doing the podcast does not have a lot of storage space (about half a gig), so today I'm publishing all of the old episodes that will fit on that space. Then I will leave them up for one month. Then I will clear them off and put up the next set. Those of you who can get it to work (I've already heard from someone who can't) will enjoy the fact that I should be able to put in chapter markers and nifty art to display as you're listening to the podcast. If I don't hear from anyone who can make it work, I will stop messing with it after today.

My to-do list today:
-put up old episodes
-clean house
-do the books/pay the bills
-bake bread (in bread machine)
-make baking mix for biscuits
-finish making turkey soup
-go to bellydancing class at 6

Whoo hoo.

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