Sunday, November 26, 2006

Episode 23: All Grown Up

In this episode I talk about website and download issues, a new website, and a book: Knitting Vintage Socks. Also, if you check out the knitpicks website, you can see what one of the socks looks like in a Knitpicks yarn. As always, I encourage you to go to your local yarn shop and check out their book selection before you buy online.

Here are the corrections for that book.

I forgot to mention three fabulous new podcasts I found recently: Sticks and String, Unwound and Beneath the Fiber Moon. Please look them up and I will actually talk about them in the next show.

I sat down and did a shortrow toe demo for you!

Work to where you want to put your next turn.

Move yarn to other side of needle.

Slip unwrapped stitch to rh needle.

Turn work.

Move yarn to other side of work (working side for the row you will work).

Slip that wrapped stitch (see the wrap? It looks like a purl bump).

Observe pretty wrap, get ready to work to next turn.

When you are finished making short rows, work to first wrapped stitch (as you are working, in other words, the most recently-wrapped stitch).

Knit (or purl) the wrap and the stitch it wrapped.

Toe of sock after short-rows are completed.

Pick up stitches from cast on to make toe of sock.

For heel, the principle is the same, make your short rows and then continue merrily along with your sock.

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