Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Momma's Got A Brand New Bag

Creative Options sent my this tote to try and, well, I love it!

It's the perfect size for a long weekend away, and there are bottle holders on either end of it. That's great if, like me, if you try to bring a lot of water with you in the car. A pen holder on the outside means that you don't have to go fishing around in your bag for your pen.

It would be a little small for an adult-sized sweater project, but is great for a couple of medium-to-small projects, at once. The sides are nice and stiff, so you can set the bag at your feet without worrying about it slumping over and making it hard to find your things. 

If I were taking it on a plane, I'd prefer that it zipped up, somehow. As it is, I'd be worried about spilling needles everywhere underneath the seat in front of me. But, it's ideal for a car trip!

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