Friday, May 08, 2015

Furniture Upcycling

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Trust me, no one is more surprised than me that I was SO EXCITED to see a furniture upcycling class on Craftsy. (I know, I really need another hobby. Too much time on my hands, you know.)
Dee and I took a woodworking class last winter and made cribbage boards. It was ok, but it didn't really grab me. But, I was in Home Depot last week and saw a display of chalk paint, and got really excited about the idea of painting without sanding. 

I painted a little before I made myself take a photo.
So, I ran home, grabbed an end table that we bought at an estate sale last summer, and went to town. 

Two coats of paint, a stencil and some wax later, and I'm hooked. I wasn't too worried about "ruining" what was clearly someone else's half-finished project, but now that I have that under my belt, and I've watched the Craftsy class - all bets are off. Garage sales and Goodwill, look out!

P.S. - Don't miss the big Craftsy class sale this weekend - through Monday! (The banner at the top of the blog will get you there.)

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