Friday, September 05, 2014

Mistakes, Errors and Other Problems

When I started work on Sock Architecture, I talked to all of my knitting friends about what they look for in knitting books.

Accuracy was a big one. No one wants to face trying to figure out if it is their knitting, their brain, or maybe the designer's mistake when their pattern just isn't working out.

The more people I talked to about accuracy in publishing, the more (very kind) people pointed out that it's nearly impossible to have absolutely no errors in a book. There are just too many ways for a mistake to sneak in there.

So, we did our best, and many people had a hand in making Sock Architecture as perfect as possible, but there is at least one error an eagle-eyed friend of mine has pointed out to me.

I'm making the errors in the book as easy to find as its praise - so the errata page is right next to the Reviews page on this blog. I will add errata notes there and to the Ravelry page for each design as they come up.

Please forgive me if any of my mistakes trip you up. I truly want Sock Architecture to make knitting socks the most fun you can have with sticks, strings and your knitting brain.


Anonymous said...

What's the old saying? "If you're not making any mistakes, you're not doing anything?"

math4knitters said...

Good point!