Tuesday, December 10, 2013

The Proof Is in the Felting

Sorry for the bad iPhone photo.

I got some responses from my friends at knitting group about last week's post. They were along the lines of: Sure, sure, but what happens when you FELT the slippers? 

In this case: a perfect match. Cascade 220, held double, felts up exactly the same way as Cascade 128. The resulting slipper feels a tiny bit more dense (which makes sense, it contains more wool), but fits the same way. 

In the photo above, the red Sherwood Slippers are knit in Cascade 128, the blue and purple sets are in Cascade 220 (held double.)

It's so nice when things work out, especially this close to Knitter's Test of Will Day, er, Christmas.

There's still time! Buy the pattern, find some Cascade 220 in your stash, and cast on. Impress your friends and brother-in-laws.

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