Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Sirka Counter Review and Giveaway (Comment to Win)

The nice folks over at Grellow and Gray sent me a Sirka counter to try out - and give to one of you!

The counter is well-made, cute, and allows you to keep track of up to three different counts at once. Need to keep track of the number of rows, number of sets of decreases and number of times you've worked those sets? Done.

The counter is designed for you to move the three little levers (they call these "crowns") along as you work, until you hit one of the "hands" you have set at the beginning. In the photo above, the gray hand is set to 6, the yellow is set to 10 and the blue is set to 14. The levers do not advance automatically (it isn't a click-type counter), which is a good thing because you have to look at the thing to see if you have lined up with your preset hands. There are springs and things inside the Sirka that make the crowns click into place as you turn them, so it feels solid as you use it.

The makers of the Sirka point out that its best to start the crowns at 1 when counting rows and 0 when counting sets of things (rows, sets of decreases, etc.) This is important because you do, after all, never work a row 0 but you will have a moment, at the beginning, when you have completed 0 sets.

Would you like to get your hands on this little device? Leave a comment on this post by midnight (New York time) on December 11, 2013, saying how you would use the Sirka. I will select a winner at random on December 12 and ship it out!

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