Monday, December 09, 2013

Design Inspiration: Bellybutton Baby Blanket


The “bellybutton” in the Bellybutton Baby Blanket refers to the shape of the center of the blanket. I knit it when I found out my younger sister was pregnant. The lovely Allison of Simply Socks Yarn Company let me borrow her adorable son for the photos.

The bellybutton is formed when the plain knit section hits the patterned ridges. I love it as a symbol of a child’s connection to the four sets of families that came before him or her, since a new baby is the heart, root, and hope for everyone involved.

This is a very simple knit that takes advantage of the wonderfully unpredictable and lovely variations in Malabrigo Rios. (It could even be a great stash buster, as long as you keep the type and weight of the yarns used the same.)

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