Sunday, June 25, 2006

Episode 12: Money, Socks and Your Comments

This week, I point out my tip jar (under links on the right side of this page), talk about converting sock patterns from top-down to toe-up, and respond to some comments and e-mails.

A shorter show, but I still managed to mess up a few times. I got ahead of myself with both the geometric knitting, which I'm not ready to tell you about and tessellated knitting, which I can't find anywhere. Tessellated quilting, yes. Tessellated knitting, no. If I do either dig that up or make that up, I'll let you know.

There is a little cursing in this show. So, if you don't want to hear the "B" word, please don't listen to the bit about Professor Martini.

Some "if, then" statements.
If you are knitting too tightly, then a new cast on from might assist you.

If you are looking for books, then Add All might help.

Carry from KnitWit kindly reminded me that she did mention the thickness of the yarn in her ease discussion of episode 20 of her show. Also, if that is the only show of hers you've heard, you should try some others. Usually, her stories are much more fun, lighthearted and funny than the one in that show. That story was very well told, as are all of hers, but it was a bit sad.

Carry also pointed me to some mathematical crochet.

Which means that I finally have something to lead into Dr. Sarah-Marie Belcastro and her wonderful mathematical knitting (and problem solving tips and teal hair and...). The knitting bit is here.

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