Sunday, June 18, 2006

Episode 11: Socks

This week I ramble about short-row toe-up socks, and my own version, which uses a thumb-joint heel, including a description for making a worksheet for same.

Wendy Knits socks are described very well. Her book is Wendy Knits: My Adventures with Two Needles and An Attitude, which was published by Penguin Books in May of 2006 and it's by Wendy Johnson. Her blog site is here. Very readable (readible?) and very fun.

If you can't find a book you really want at your local yarn shop or local book stores, this is a metasearch for books.

The thumb-joint heel, along with a lot more, is described in Ethnic Socks and Stockings by Priscilla Gibson-Roberts. It was published in 1998 by XRX, Inc. and lists at $28.95.

This is the square I made up for the river project mentioned in Episode 10.

This is the little "purl bump" formed by the wrap around a stitch in short rowing.

This is the finished toe (purple and gray) with a little of the foot worked, too.

I haven't knit this far yet, so a picture of a sock all finished (except for the heel) is forthcoming.

This is a heel, ungrafted. Also, unknit, so, not yet photographed.

The result. Also, unknit, so, not yet photographed.

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I've been editing the podcast less severely lately (mostly just trying to make the beginnings and ends of sections fit together) to make more time for my knitting, photos and life in general. I hope it's still ok.


Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed this episode and it came at the perfect time. I was in need of a new heel for a sock I'm struggling with.

LoriAngela said...

Great timing,
I have some Socks that Rock and new Crystal Palace dpns for my first toe-up sock. I already had Wendy's pattern, but I guess I need someone to hold my hand and talk me through it. Love from Sardis.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the pictures. They really help me visualize your words.
The timing is good, too, as I've just started a pair (my second ever, not including a pair of pedisocks, which don't have a toe at all) for my bedridden elderly aunt. (She had a stroke a couple of months ago.)
Although I've only done one complete pair, I find I like the toe-up, short-row look better, too, which will lead to some interesting math if I decide to do some of the gorgeous sock patterns I've seen, as they're mostly knit top-down. And I'm a fan of the magic loop. LOVE the magic loop!
I'm not sure whose Web site I got the directions from, but I've used the figure-8 toe cast-on, which leaves no seam and, while fiddly to start, makes for a really attractive toe.
Thanks for another perspective!

donna said...

Thanks for your sock explanation. I got the wool, I got the needles but there are so many patterns out there that the choice is overwhelming. I have been putting off casting on my first pair of socks for months. You have taken the intimidation from the patterns and made this really easy. I look forward to each and every podcast from you.
Would you be able to talk about the math behind yarn substitution? What we should be looking for - guage, yardage etc? Thanks again.

profbookwurmknits said...

i love dpns
i use them at every opportunity-
sleeves,necks, and-of course-socks
thank you for another great podcast

i might have to attempt toe-up socks

Anonymous said...

Hi, Lara --

(a) I prefer to BestBookBuys.
(b) I never use dpns. Then again, I have a few pairs of Clover 11" circulars, and I've modified some bamboo circulars to be Very Short, so I compensate for my refusal.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the new heel ----I have been curious about the afterthought heel as I have only learned a short row heel, being a new sock knitter. i have just done my first square toe, however, and I like it as well as the short row toe.

Your description of process is fascinating to me. You described measurements and final stitch count, but I would have liked to know your gauge, your needle size and your yarn. I assume you were knitting at an 8 stitch to the inch gauge, of course, but what needle size got you that, and with what yarn?

I love every podcast, every technique, and every explanation. You really help clarify the "whys" of knitting.


Anonymous said...

Hi Lara -- Jeanie here from the Sexy Knitters Club (and and I'm about to listen to this episode but some of your pics are gone! You might want to check to see what happened to them, as I'd sure like to be able to see them for reference. Thanks!