Sunday, June 18, 2006

Episode 11: Socks

This week I ramble about short-row toe-up socks, and my own version, which uses a thumb-joint heel, including a description for making a worksheet for same.

Wendy Knits socks are described very well. Her book is Wendy Knits: My Adventures with Two Needles and An Attitude, which was published by Penguin Books in May of 2006 and it's by Wendy Johnson. Her blog site is here. Very readable (readible?) and very fun.

If you can't find a book you really want at your local yarn shop or local book stores, this is a metasearch for books.

The thumb-joint heel, along with a lot more, is described in Ethnic Socks and Stockings by Priscilla Gibson-Roberts. It was published in 1998 by XRX, Inc. and lists at $28.95.

This is the square I made up for the river project mentioned in Episode 10.

This is the little "purl bump" formed by the wrap around a stitch in short rowing.

This is the finished toe (purple and gray) with a little of the foot worked, too.

I haven't knit this far yet, so a picture of a sock all finished (except for the heel) is forthcoming.

This is a heel, ungrafted. Also, unknit, so, not yet photographed.

The result. Also, unknit, so, not yet photographed.

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I've been editing the podcast less severely lately (mostly just trying to make the beginnings and ends of sections fit together) to make more time for my knitting, photos and life in general. I hope it's still ok.
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