Sunday, May 21, 2006

My Dad's Slippers

I'm very proud because I designed slippers that were fun to make and actually look like slippers! I walk you through my obnoxiously overwrought and confusing design process. I hope it's not too torturous.

Things you need to know:
1) How to weave.
2) How to do a temporary cast on. (or invisible cast on or whatever you do that can get you live stitches to knit in the opposite direction).
3) That instead of whatever I said, I should have told you to place the markers 16 stitches away from the center-stitch markers before the first decrease round.

Also, please have a listen to my Fibonocci segment on Brenda Dayne's Cast-On. I appear in episode 23, but you should listen to them all, as she is wonderful.

Download Episode Seven

And, as promised, pictures:

Both slippers, one finished, the other ungrafted (weaving is also called grafting or kitchener stitch).

The sole.

The toe.

A close-up of the undone weaving.

Felted slipper photos and my sketchbook coming soon...

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