Sunday, May 14, 2006

Fear Not the Remainder

This week, a short podcast about increasing or decreasing evenly. You could choose to do long division, a calculator or both. Thanks to Christine of pointysticks for playing my promo. I am very glad to see her back after a haitus for her finals.

Small correction: When I said "increases" when I was talking about dealing with a remainder, I should have said "extra increases". Sorry about that.

Download Episode 6


Liza's Pages said...

Thank you for all your work, Lara. I love your podcast..and I'm another one who, despite years of drilling, can't quite call up the answer to 7x8 without thinking about it. Your clear and calm explanations don't just sink in, they also engage me.

profbookwurmknits said...

another wonderful podcast
i look forward to the next math adventure

Christine said...

I was happy to play the promo - your show has been a big help for me! :D

Where are you moving your site to? Do you know yet? I'm looking forward to future episodes!