Friday, November 13, 2015

Raglan Baby Sweater Yoke

I DO still knit. It's just that many of my projects are Top Secret. It's the curse of knitting things that are meant to be released later.

This is the yoke to a raglan baby sweater, from my Autumn Dreams pattern (without the extra garter stitch ridges). 

I'm just about to start the sleeves. And, no, I'm not trying to launch a Baby Noir line. Although, that would be pretty cool, in my opinion!

When one of my family members was laid up earlier this year after surgery, I wanted to give her something easy to knit. So, I had her cast on a certain number of stitches and simply work garter stitch for 6 inches. She used a very pretty, variegated yarn. Her piece will be the bottom half of the sweater. I chose this lovely charcoal since I didn't have a solid color that matched any of the colors in her yarn. 

I think it will be pretty cute!

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