Wednesday, November 11, 2015

My Appleton Dress!


About 4 months into my sewing journey, I took most of last Sunday and made this

I was a little afraid to spend that much on a kit, BUT, I had already pinned the same fabric from a different website with a note: "buy 2.5 yards and make a dress for yourself."

It felt like fate! I was afraid it might be too hard for me, but the instructions were clear, with diagrams showing every step along the way. 

I only made two changes: I added 1" of ease to the biceps and I cut about 6" off one of the ties. It was just too long. My mega arms have made dresses and shirts hard to fit since I was about 6 years old, so I'm totally ok with making that adjustment. 

The curved neckline is super comfy and the skirt length is perfect. I was a little nervous at having a "straight" skirt, but it fits well. I generally like my skirts to have at least an A-line, but I'm thinking that what really matters is the correct fit. 

I especially love the novel feeling of not needing to wear a cami under the dress. I know some people would do that, but the neckline is so snug that I don't mind wearing it as a deep v-neck. Us short, curvy girls benefit from that neckline shape! I have other wrap dresses that really need a cami underneath and I think it makes the overall fit not nearly as awesome. Plus, I spend all day pulling it into place under my dress. Or maybe I need higher-quality camis in my life. 

And, for those of you who wear tights with their dresses - this fabric doesn't cling to tights. At all. Ever. 

So, to sum up: Great fit = no safety pins or cami needed!

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