Friday, August 14, 2015

State Fair Knitting Prep

You can't see the pills in this photo, and they weren't horrible, but they were there.

This weekend, I will do something I have never done before. I will enter a state fair. This one.

I'm a little terrified and very excited to see what the judges say! I looked over what I've made in the last year and decided that my Paris Wallpaper Socks were my favorite. But, they've been worn a few times and had some pills on them. So, I washed and blocked them, then brought out the razors.

This should only be attempted under good lighting when you are not tired and are entirely sober. To remove each pill, grab it with your non-dominant hand, then use the razor to cut the pill away from the underlying fabric. My set of 10 blades came with a way to store used blades, and I simply start with a fresh one every single time. I only do this once or twice a year, so it's pretty cheap to just start with a new razor.

If you just pull the pills off, without a razor, they will only re-emerge. This is a  more permanent solution, and it's easier on your knits.

The operation was a complete success! Wish me luck!

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