Monday, June 15, 2015

When Degloss Becomes De-Paint

I took the doors off of a weird counter-thing that the movers brought from the old house. (We didn't really want it, but it wasn't nailed down, and before we knew what was happening, it was already on the truck.)

It's perfectly serviceable as extra storage in the garage, so we're using it that way. But, I ran out of things to paint and mess with, so I decided to use it for a little practice.

The doors are different colors. No, I don't know why. I took all of the hardware off and hit them with some deglosser. 

A lot of the paint simply came off! I guess someone must have added those darker colors in an attempt to improve the piece at some point. I actually kind of like the color underneath! I might try to just remove all of the top layer of paint, then leave it alone. (Or I might decide to practice stenciling on it, who knows?)

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