Thursday, May 22, 2008

New Episodes problem

Some people have told me (and not told me, I suppose) that they are having trouble with my feed in iTunes.

I think we have found a solution.

Just unsubscribing and re-subscribing doesn't seem to work.

"What worked in the end was actually deleting the feeds in iTunes and then subscribing with the link you provided, easy and quick."
-M. Wergeland of Matthew's Thread Work

The link is:

I hope it works. Let me know. The problem on my end is, no matter how many computers I try, I can't get the problem to happen to me. It's possible this is because I am working with machines that are starting from scratch and something is going on with the old feed. Or maybe the other old feed. Who knows?

I am cooking up a new show. I'm just waiting for my work schedule to cool down a bit. Things have been strange and busy around here, to say the least.

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