Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Episode 37: Gauge Swatches and Experiments

Elizabeth Zimmerman called it "unventing", I call it "experimenting". I think she didn't like the image of the white lab coat, but I always loved knitting in my white lab coat. You know, back when I was a scientist, getting chalk dust on my knitting.

On this week's show, I answer questions from two Ravelry users who have messaged me. I really appreciate their questions, because otherwise I would just blather on about my sweaters and my cats. That's all well and good, but sometimes I have to talk about other things.

I didn't do a podcast last week because I lost my voice. Nearly a 100% loss. This has never happened to me before. I think it was a combination of teaching at a conference/workshop for three days, then talking with an old friend for about 6 hours straight. During hour 5, I was already feeling a bit croaky. By that night, I was down for the count, voice-wise. It has taken a while to recover and my spring allergies are still keeping me a little rough.

The rerun this week is episode 28. We are almost through them all. I considered running Episode 30 this week to go with the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival, but I thought that would confuse things. The original notes for that show are here.

Download Episode 37.


Anonymous said...

I guess I'm finally going to have to cave in and get an Elizabeth Zimmerman book. I've been resisting because for some reason I like to resist things that are popular. But everyone says so many great things about her books. Thanks for all your helpful hints with sweater making!

Also, as for my avatar, I don't remember where I found it at (somewhere on the web) but I've been using for several years over at LiveJournal.

LoriAngela said...

I just got to listen today and I loved the show. Thanks for the encouragement- I aced a math medications administration test today.
I have a new desktop, but I'm still having trouble posting. Hope this gets to you.
Question: What's up with the lack of standardization in knitting needle sizes?