Tuesday, April 24, 2007

I'm mostly posting this so that I won't forget

There is a great bookstore here.

Here is some info about why you should shop there, if you want, that is, even if you don't live in Chicago:

"Our History and Purpose:
Women & Children First began in a modest storefront in 1979. Over the years we've moved twice and recently expanded in our current location into an adjoining storefront. We're in a northside Chicago neighborhood known for its diversity, lesbian-friendliness, women-owned businesses and community spirit. Our staffers include teachers, graduate students, professional writers and storytellers, political activists, board members, and poets. Each of us is a reader, a feminist, and a bookseller. Our purpose in beginning the store 20 years ago was to promote the work of women writers and to create a place in which all women would find books reflecting their lives and interests. We strive to do this in an atmosphere in which all are respected, valued, and well-served. That is our purpose still, online as well as in the store.

We are one of the largest feminist bookstores in the country, stocking more than 30,000 books by and about women, children's books for all ages, and the best of lesbian and gay fiction and non-fiction. Anything we don't have in stock we can usually get in a few days' time, even if it's a title outside our specialty. We also carry music, videos, magazines and pride products."


If that isn't enough, they have nearly 1,000 hits when you put "knit" in the search box, including many books on pre-order and a lot of titles that aren't out yet and I hadn't even heard of.

There aren't as many feminist bookstores as there used to be. I, for one, want to spend my $$ with people I like. So, when I have a book I can't get at my LYS, I will head on over to this site.

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Anonymous said...

Just FYI--I recently read that this bookstore is going through some financial difficulty. I read that here and here. If you want to support them, I suppose now's the time! I haven't been there myself, but it sounds like others agree it's a special place.