Monday, April 16, 2007

First question

" Alice said...

Thanks for lovely podcasts - I listen while weaving - and thanks also for instructions for the Dragon Skin Sweater, which is gorgeous. The one part I don't understand is: __picking up 8 stitches from the edge of the piece I had just made (the little ear near where the right shoulder-seam would normally be.___ I can't visualize this. Is it at the corner of the saddle shoulder ??? "

The ear is the edge of the 12 rows of knitting you just created, by making the first part of the front, or the back, depending. Basically, you have just made a rectangle (with a piece missing for the front of the neck), and you are picking up around it to continue down with the sweater. So, it is to the right (or left) of the saddle shoulder, and your knitting will continue in the same direction, from this part, as the live stitches from the saddle shoulder.

Bring them on! I want many questions so I can make this as clear as possible without having taken pictures. Even though I am a photographer, I was so entralled in my sweater, I took a grand total of 0 before blocking.

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