Sunday, October 01, 2006

Thank You, Whoever You Are

I received a donation this week that was left for me on the 21st, so I'm sorry this thank-you is so late. The Amazon system seems to work great. The only problem is that it doesn't tell me who donated money to the show! So, thank you, whoever you are. I used the money toward a purchase of Knitting From the Top by Barbara Walker. Don't be scared off by the (dated to say the least) cover art. Inside, you'll find seamless shoulder shapings very much in the Zimmerman mold, only FROM THE TOP. Not just raglans, oh no, but also set-in and other sleeve constructions. Also, skirts, jackets, really just about anything, explained in a neat way that makes you want to leap up and design the cute little bolero, bedjacket and perfect around-the-house pants you've wanted for years and just haven't found in the right yarn/design/seamless construction.

Makes me breathless. And all due to you, my generous listener.

On the next show (maybe next week, maybe the week after):
- review of this book, in detail, probably still thrilled and breathless
- Proper Thank You to mysterious benefactor
- 5 = 3 + 2 = Invisible/temporary/really cool cast on
- pattern for convertible gloves

When I run out of books to buy (ha!), I will start a little till for donations to buy the new snazzy apple software that is supposed to make podcasting even easier and might even make it so that those wierd downloading problems some of you are having will go away.

Also, I received a kind e-mail from a new listener this week that thanked me for the show but also gently kicked me in the butt about photos of the toe-up socks. On to-do list. Has been for months. We'll see.
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