Monday, October 23, 2006

Episode Twenty: Fibo Five

After almost a whole month, I dust off my microphone to bring you a longer-than-usual show.

- I review Knitting From the Top by Barbara Walker, a must-buy made possible by a listener's donation.

- Temporary Cast-On in Five Photographs (why 3 steps, in my mind, and 5 photos? No idea.)

This is the starting position for me when I do this.

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

um, step 3.5 is taking your left thumb and swinging its yarn back over the top of the needle, bringing everything into place.

- I talk about this pattern, which I wrote in 2001 for a gift for my sister.

- I point out this awesome website, where a lovely helpful lady explains how to figure out exactly how much yarn you need, anyway. Don't be intimidated, her site is written for spinners, but will work for commercial yarns as well.

- I tell you about Warm Woolies which will take extra wool yarn off of your hands (if you send it to them).

Enjoy. Things should settle down here soon. Have I said that before? Is that doom sneaking up on me or is it just the cat?

Download episode 20.
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