Thursday, August 10, 2006

Refinement: Sleeves

I have just realized, after it bugged me for a while, that my little math experiment for determining things like shaping for a sweater would NOT work, neccesarily, on sleeves. Refinement to come this weekend. The smart among you probably know this already, which is why I have not had any non-Eastenders comments.


Anonymous said...


Your last show I just listened to was about 5 shows ago. Sorry, I'm not up to date. I just wanted to drop you a note and say "thanks for all your work and for all the great info!" I really appreciate all that you do for us listeners!
I was just searching for polynomial patterns in weaving and came across this web site and thought you may be interested (or do a search for geeking knitting):

Anyway, have a great weekend and thanks, again, for everything!!!

math4knitters said...

That's very sweet of you. When I don't get comments, I worry that the show isn't any good. Thank you for taking time to comment.