Sunday, July 23, 2006

Good News and Bad News

Good News:
My office is painted and lovely.

Bad News:
My podcasting equipment is in boxes.

Good News:
A wonderful Designer agreed to let me "fiddle with" the sizing of her sweater and tell you about it. Hooray her! I'm working on it.

Bad News: But not until next week, when my podcasting equipment is out of boxes and back where it belongs.



profbookwurmknits said...

good news:happy for you and your office
bad news: i am sad for me--i was just thinking today how i appreciate your calm voice. i listen to each podcast
several times-i need that sense of calm you inspire...
and i never thought math would be my pleasure.
thank you

Anonymous said...


Just a quick note to thank you for being my much-needed company earlier this week.

Let me explain - I discovered your podcast last week on iTunes and downloaded several of your episodes to my mp3 player before leaving Sunday to take the Alabama Bar Exam. You were a great companion on my drive down and back to Montgomery AND you provided a wonderful break from the stress (we had 9 hours of essay and 6 hours of multiple choice over three days).

So...keep the podcasts coming and again, thanks!

Becka said...

Oh boy...I can't wait to hear about the resizing of the sweater design!!

math4knitters said...

I'm glad you're all excited, I am too!

Paige said...

Cool on the sweater, can't wait to hear about it. We'll miss you while you unpack. Hurry back!