Sunday, July 16, 2006

Fourteen: Yarn Substitition

Yarn substitution can work for you by giving you your freedom of fibers and price, but also allow you to change the sizing of a sweater, at will, with just a little math.

If you're thinking of trying a new yarn, check out Knitter's Review and Wiseneedle.

Also, if you need to redesign a sleeve cap because you are monkeying with the numbers, this article from Knitty may help you.

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Elizabeth Metz said...

Hey there, fellow knitcaster....

Lime & Violet are takin' it to the road this next Friday, and we're going to be in the SF area, checking out the yarn possibilities up thataway.

Wanna get together for some knitterly podcasty coffee?

math4knitters said...

I'm working from 1 to 10pm on Friday. Is it still possible?

Anonymous said...

Thanks again for your podcast, Lara. I have just one question today. I'm planing on knitting a poncho soon with Aran-weight yarn on size 9 needles with 73 stitches (you knit two pieces with 73 stitches each, then sew them together). I was wondering if you had any tips for knitting with a lot of stitches. (I've never knitted with more than 30 stitches before!)
Like, there are different lengths (as well as sizes) of needles, right? What would be best to use?
Thanks for everything and happy knitting!

math4knitters said...

For many stitches, I like to use circular needles. For a big project, I would go to my local yarn store and buy the longest length they have in the size I need, especially when working back and forth. The really cool thing is, if you have two circular needles that are long, you can use them both (one for each half of the stitches) and work in the round at practically any number of stitches. Circular needles take the weight off of your hands and also, I find, are easier to store than projects on straights.

Melissa said...

very good episode. i think the in depth look at a pattern will be so helpful to so many knitters! there are a few knitters working on my grannie smith pattern that have yarn substitutions and there will be one more resource for them to check out!

and i should have offered it sooner, as i know you already found designer willing to let you tweek her pattern - but you have my permission to use sesame from magknits Aug 05 issue also if you need to.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your help, Lara!