Wednesday, April 15, 2015


I used to wear glasses. Then, I wore contacts. I've been back to glasses full-time since I had the shingles. (Was that 4 years ago? 3? I know it had to be fewer than 5 and more than 2.)

My twin sister and I called it "the Clark Kent effect." If we were together and one of us wore glasses in public and the other one didn't, NO ONE asked us if we were twins. If we both did or both didn't, at least one person would ask if we were twins. 

Yes, just about every time! People are very curious about the diversity of their gene pool, I suppose!

So, I decided to show my current true self to the world and wear my glasses for my Craftsy class. It kept me looking like "me" and saved me from gouging my own eyes out because I tried to wear contacts for three days straight for the first time in over well over 2 years. 

I've never minded glasses. I only preferred contacts because glasses can be a little annoying to use if, like me, you tend to smudge your glasses if you use them along with a camera. I'm not a newspaper photographer anymore, so if I smudge my glasses, I have time to clean them!

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