Thursday, December 04, 2014

Another Reason to Own A Good Circular Needle

I knit socks on dpns. I like them. I find them fast and I can really crank down on them for a tight gauge. But, I always have a good circular needle in my bag. Why? I have lots of reasons, but one is that it's the ideal stitch holder. Whenever I put stitches on hold, even for the instep on a sock, I use my circular needle. That way, when I'm working back and forth for the heel flap, I don't encounter the ends of my dpns, ready to stab me like a stainless steel porcupine. It also seems to stretch the stitches out less, so I have less of a giant gap where my instep meets my heel flap. 

I can work faster and happier. What more do you want from your knitting tools?

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