Monday, November 24, 2014

No-Bull Book Review by Carol Sulcoski of Black Bunny Fibers

I love Carol's yarns and admire her writing. It does mean something extra-special when a knitter with a wonderful sock book of her own reviews Sock Architecture.

I'm happy that she calls my book a treasure, but even more excited that someone who is as clearly in love with vibrant, exciting colors as she still likes my book. She asks that people not skip over it because it may appear too basic, which was one of my real fears about the way I chose to photograph the book. What could be seen as wonderful clarity by some might look boring and bland to others.

Carols' review also raises a question of word choice. Carols says "cuff down" where I say "top down." It is my journalistic tic of alliteration that makes me pair "top" with "toe?" Which version do you see more often? Which makes more sense to you?

You can read the whole review here.

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