Tuesday, March 04, 2014

...And I Also Know This

Trekking 6-ply427 yards per 150 gram ball

The Blue Moon Fiber Arts is 100% wool, the Trekking is 25% nylon, which explains some of the difference in weight per yard. The BMFA is also just a tiny bit thicker, but I get the same gauge with both on #3 needles. 

So, if it takes me 79 grams of Trekking to make a pair of socks for myself, it should take me:

(427/150)*79 = about 225 yards

Multiply that by (198/350) = > 127.2 grams, or round to 128 grams, of BMFA to make a pair of socks. 

I have parts of two skeins of BMFA under the bed. Is it enough? 

--Quick check with the scale.--

YES! There are more BMFA socks in my future! Yay! 

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Judy11 said...

If your gauge is truly the same with both then the math bears out that you should be good with 128 gr of BMFA!!