Monday, January 19, 2009

Episode 42: Sizing and Squares

In this episode, I talk about resizing sleeves, resizing in general and making squares (or diamonds) with and without a gauge swatch.

Download Episode 42.

(Photo to come)


fiberfriend said...

Thanks Laura for your podcasts,
They make my night go faster at work,
Just wish they were longer...
I do have one question that pertains to something that you were talking about on the most recent podcast.....
The M1....I have a pattern that calls for a M1 purlwise.
It says that it's the same as a m1R, but purl the twisted loop.
Well it is supposed to be on the sides of a leaf motif, slanting toward the top....I can get the first side looking good, but the other side just dosn't line up.
It looks all choppy ( that's the left side looking at it.)
There is a K2tog right before the m1 purlwise.
Should a m1 purlwise be different on that side?
Maybe I should send you a picture of what this silly leaf looks like.
The pattern is "Leafy Mitts". about 20 people have made them on ravelry, go check out how cute they are, and if you understand my question, maybe you might have a suggestion on how to do the m1 purlwise.
you can email me at: or
PM me on Ravelry,
my name there is fiberfriend.
Thanks for your time,

LoriAngela said...

Loved your show. It wasn't too fast because I was drinking coffee while listening.
And swatching. I have a swatching question: I am a loose knitter. I always have to go down a needle size (or more). If I get stitch and row gauge, do I have to worry about the equivalency? Do I have a different fabric? At what point will I be disappointed?

LoriAngela said...

Another question:
If I substitute cables for ribbing in a pattern, do I have to plan for using a lot more yarn? I know cables eat up yarn.

Anonymous said...

THIS SITE ROCKS!! Exactly what I was looking for. THank you to for the link!